Publish date 31-05-2022

by Renzo Agasso

Martina Benedetti is a young nurse. In service in Massa Carrara, she became known throughout Italy on 10 March 2020. That day she published a photo of her on Instagram. The face marked by fatigue, nose and cheeks reddened by too many hours of masking, tired and incredulous eyes. It was the first wave of Covid, the cursed virus that forever shook the existence of Italians in those weeks. And she, Martina, was in the front line. With the doctors and all the hospital staff suddenly thrown into war.

The photo meant: Look at what happens in the hospitals, as we are fighting with our bare hands against an unknown, devious, powerful enemy. Perhaps invincible. Look at how we are reduced: hours and hours and hours to receive an impressive number of patients, all together, without respite. We are not heroes. We do our duty. And that's that. Maybe we make mistakes, the tiredness is great. But we are here, we fight, we will not abandon anyone. As long as we have strength.

That photo.
A century ago.
Covid took away many and many, others it hurt in body and soul. Martina, and others like her - doctors, nurses, various hospital staff - are still in place two years later.
There is a vaccine now, most of them recover, you can no longer fight with your bare hands. But there are those who say no. By putting others at risk, often in a mixture of ignorance-presumption-selfishness. Behavior fined 100 euros.

Martina Benedetti rebelled, writing on Facebook: "100 euros, the price of our health. Of our lives. Of the sacrifices we have been making for two years, especially we health professionals (unique, among other things, for which there is a real vaccination obligation). For the umpteenth time, we frontliners will be cleaning up all the mud resulting from the absence of strong and courageous decisions. Absurd choices that will fall on our backs already burdened by two years of fatigue. Don't worry! We will make you go back to dancing in the summer, to make the economy run, to bask in recognition for the work we have done. Calling it work is becoming more and more difficult every day because it is a situation that encompasses life ».

Covid has revealed thoughts, words, deeds and omissions. Martina - and all the Martini and Martine - are the good Samaritans.
Others are the brigands, who rob others of life.

Renzo Agasso
NP February 2022

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