The Books of Dialogue

Publish date 21-08-2023

by Aurora Antonucci

In the vineyard of the Lord

The pontificate of Benedict XVI

by Renzo and Domenico Agasso

Elledici, 2023

Joseph Ratzinger's eight years as Peter. From the election to the unprecedented renunciation, passing through all the main events, the choices, the gestures, the speeches, the encyclicals of Benedict XVI, against the backdrop of one of the most complex and painful periods in the recent history of the Church. The book publishes the Pope's most significant texts in their entirety, allowing the reader to go beyond clichés and convenient extrapolations.

Useful for those wishing to shed light on many issues that still agitate ecclesial life today, from economic and sexual scandals, to the reform of the curia, to the dominant secularization in the West, to the painful divisions between conservatives and progressives.


The Church we want

Notes on the Synod: the voice of ecclesial movements, associations and men and women who lead them

by Alberto Chiara

Sao Paulo, 2023

Alberto Chiara spoke with women and men who, as believers, inhabit the world: Giuseppe Notarstefano (Catholic Action) Emiliano Manfredonia (Acli) Davide Prosperi (Communion and Liberation) Roberta Vincini and Francesco Scoppola (Agesci) Margaret Karram (Focolare movement) Salvatore Martinez (Renewal in the Holy Spirit) Giovanni Paolo Ramonda (Pope John XXIII Community) Ernesto Olivero (Sermig) Ivana Borsotto (Focsiv). These meetings, in which everyone expresses himself with great frankness and intensity, are followed by four precious comments by the historian Andrea Riccardi, the sociologist Franco Garelli, the economist Leonardo Becchetti and the magistrate Gian Carlo Caselli.


Aurora Antonucci

NP Maggio 2022

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