Anni di piombo e di tritolo - Dove abita l'infinito

Publish date 01-02-2023

by Aurora Antonucci

Anni di piombo e di tritolo
by Gianni Oliva, Mondadori, 2022
From 12 December 1969, when the branch of the Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura in Piazza Fontana in Milan exploded, until the assassination of Roberto Ruffilli by the Red Brigades on 16 April 1988, almost four hundred people were killed in Italy, and over a thousand injured and disabled. These are the "years of lead and TNT", the season of armed attacks by "red" terrorism and "black" massacres. Gianni Oliva retraces the events of that period and reconstructs the Italy of the previous two decades, on the one hand conservative and retrograde, on the other hand the country of the economic miracle. The state finally won the war, but only after losing too many battles (culpably).

Dove abita l'infinito, Trascendenza, potere e giustizia
by Silvano Petrosino, Life and Thought, 2020
Petrosino develops an original reflection on the contiguous themes of living, hospitality, the relationship between high and low, between building and possessing. In the background there is the controversy with the 'party of God' - that is, those who are interested in God, moved subtly by the intention of manipulating him to their own advantage - and the intuition of the originality of biblical revelation: the Most High, the In-finite always has to do with the lowest, with those who 'are on the ground', with the finite. It is there that he takes up residence, that you can find him.

Aurora Antonucci
NP November 2022

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