October 2020 - Hope

Publish date 09-10-2020

by Ernesto Olivero

Covid did not knock on our door, it even entered where there were locked doors. And he touched the whole world. There is no country where he has not passed, leaving insecurity, fear and pain everywhere.

Everyone has had to deal with this unknown enemy, without knowing how to fight him. Today we are in a disrupted world.
And there are not many effective responses either from the institutions or from politics. What about believers of any religion?
And the Christians? For some time I have been praying for many hours a day, I am constantly reading the Scriptures, I chew those words to assimilate them and receive life.
There is a terrible word that nails me every time: "And they were believers in a God who was not God". I ask myself every time: am I a believer in the true God? Sorry for the presumption with which I answer but I think so.

I love God totally, I am in love with him, but my contemplation is not rhetoric, it is loving him hopelessly by living some of his words: feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger and with my friends we do it all the time. We welcome men and women of any race, ethnicity, religion with dignity, with respect, remembering that even our ancestors were foreigners in his time; visit the sick and we do it all the time, to relieve him, to encourage him and not leave him alone.

All this aroused in me a reflection full of hope that revolves around four words: tomorrow, wisdom, the right things, beauty.
I started looking for four people who can become masters of these words: the beauty that encourages; the justice that enters into all the customs and laws of a people; wisdom as a warning; tomorrow, the new economy that must find us prepared, which helps us to enter into a far-sightedness, to break the old pattern in which the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

Four words, four credible faces to announce that a new world is possible, that what has not been can be but must find us with the sincere desire to change, must see us kneeling in front of young people, children, the most affected , who live in an unreal world, buried in a grave of life while they should be the hope of today and tomorrow.
I believe that being worshipers of the true God should give us great consolation.

I never imagined praying so many hours a day, they are not wasted hours, they are an investment for my life, for the life of my loved ones, for the responsibility that rests on our shoulders for having transformed a military arsenal, having encountered disability , for having found in the weakest a meeting point between believers of different religions, for having transformed houses of pain into houses of hope ...

Ernesto Olivero
NP October 2020

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