November 2020 - Near and far

Publish date 06-11-2020

by Ernesto Olivero

Man, until he finds an answer to his essential needs, is restless; he is ready to do anything to survive physically and to satisfy the wishes of his body. But what does he do for love? Today's world and reality are very complex: an infinity of noises are enemies of the desire that is in us to encounter God and his silence, they try to suffocate him.
But silence does not die, it is like God: even if all men would deny it, God would always continue to be God; no one can declare him dead. This God is continually ready to become a seed in the boy, in the girl, who are ready to be inhabited by him, to revive hope and make the desire to love and feel loved grow in all men.

Each man has a personal story, which leads him to a completeness of life through the struggle between good and evil. Every man is the master of this fight: he can decide the victory of good or evil.
Evil can also be the most accepted, comfortable and universally approved normality; he would like to chain man to conformism, common sense, false certainties, to quiet living. Good, on the other hand, wants man to enter into his own harmony, into his own completeness as a person. He wants to give him the courage to be what he is, and this requires an effort on the part of man.

Only in the harmony of good can the world savor new scents, fulfill new dreams, achieve new results. Harmony makes man as love thought him, weak in his humanity, indomitable and creative in the search for good.
There is no place, there is no situation in which love cannot be witnessed. Even with silence. And if we are silent it is not out of fear, but out of love; we do not respond to provocations not because the other is stronger or because he will make us pay for it, but out of love. And if those in front of us agree with us because he thinks we are powerful, then we must stop and think.
Love has no space, it does not know borders, perhaps it does not understand it. He knows the yes, the always.

Goodness, love, holiness are the keys to that revolution that has not yet arrived, but that men have always been waiting for, the only one that can make justice, freedom, growth and respect coexist.
In the market of our life, they offer us everything, from cheating to the desire to emerge, from consumerism to career, from degradation to oppression. There is everything on the stalls of this market. And holiness? It is a thing of the past, perhaps a fable invented to deceive and keep men good.
Today we want to throw on the market the desire for holiness, the desire for clean air, the desire to make the man fall in love with God, his creator. The desire for holiness is the profound desire to help man to enter the silence that he has inside, to really empty himself, to ask himself questions never asked, to reflect on unexpected answers ...

Ernesto Olivero
NP November 2020

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