The Gospel of the Encounter

Publish date 15-03-2023

by Ernesto Olivero

To me, people are people, not their roles. Each meeting is an event that changes my life. It does not leave me the same as before: because that person, whoever they are, if they are really met, not superficially, but in listening and welcoming each other, gives me something of themselves, shares their portion of the world with me, makes me glimpse a point of view that I did not know and that also changes mine. Whoever it is: everyone is someone. In the Arsenale we met masters among poor people who didn't know they were masters, they are poor people who change our gaze and form us, because the formation of a person, even if advanced in years, never ends. There is never the word "end" to a person's inner growth.
It is the poor who teach. In this sense they have contributed to forming a mentality that always starts from the weakest and a culture that always speaks of life.

Young people are looking for authentic people who live what they say, without gray areas where to hide what they don't want to be seen; normal lives which can be given as an example. Listening to people of value helps young people to become aware of their own qualities and limits, to discern what they want to be and what they want to do, what it is worth putting themselves on the line.
The key is to live the gospel day after day, in everyday life, whatever our job, our age, our culture. Let's take the gospel seriously, let's stay small and humble, let's trust and entrust ourselves.

Ernesto Olivero
NP March 2023

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