The roots

Publish date 05-05-2022

by Ernesto Olivero

I think sometimes to go forward you have to go back ...
Why was Sermig born? He had a great desire: to end hunger in the world.
Why, why, why is there hunger in the world? Why do so many, so many, so many people die of hunger every day?
For the war in Ukraine we have mobilized the whole world, for hunger we are unable to mobilize the whole world.
But I would like it to occur to each of us to work against hunger.
At the beginning of the Sermig we had proposed to many of us to donate a day of their work once a month.
And this has allowed us to carry out almost 4 thousand development projects in 155 countries around the world.
But it is not enough: from now on we must have the desire to end hunger in the world and each of us can do something more, and each of us can pray a little more, because without prayer we will not have the strength to do. nothing.
If we have done something, we have done it thanks to prayer.
From now on, each of us should involve other friends: "let's fight hunger in the world, let's help Sermig and the other missionary groups to propose the working day so that this infamous shame is eliminated".
It is possible, and can be eliminated in a few days. It's possible.
We have done everything we have done because we have deleted the word "impossible" and made it "possible".
Because the I has become us.

Ernesto Olivero
NP May 2022

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