Peace, what can I do for you?

Publish date 02-07-2022

by Ernesto Olivero

War is never the solution, it has no reasons. We understood this by helping the populations of many countries at war, now the Ukrainians.

I am thinking above all of entire generations of children and young people who in the precious years of their growth know only hatred and war. They will carry its deep wounds forever.

I will never get used to war, I will continue to fight to oppose it, I will continue to work for peace with all my strength.

Peace is a fact, it arises from the works of justice. It welcomes every man and woman of any origin and religion because everyone has the right to food, home, work, care, dignity, education ...

Peace asks young people and adults to make honesty the key to building the common good. Peace is the part of good that belongs to me, it is my responsibility.

We call on governments and educational institutions to make peace education a priority. Forming and growing in a mentality of peace means becoming responsible citizens, guardians of dialogue and the dignity of each person.

International organizations, born from peoples' aspirations for peace, must be able to protect the fundamental rights of everyone, in particular minorities, promote equality, ban the use of weapons, prevent wars by remedying injustices with peace missions and interposition actions. The real enemy is hatred, the future defends itself with peace.

This mentality that finds its way into the hearts of many can really change the world.

In the face of tragedies, hope leads us to say: peace, what can I do for you?

Editorial by Ernesto Olivero
NP June / July 2022

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