The basic choice

Publish date 14-01-2023

by Ernesto Olivero

Another year that begins is a sign of a God who never gets tired, ready to bet on humanity, to believe that what hasn't been can finally be. With God the impossible does not exist, provided that each one chooses with intelligence and with life to change, to be the new world that he desires. Ours is an age of profound uncertainty. But not only. Around us I also see a more hidden fragility: our fears, the uncertainties of the post-pandemic, psychological wounds that are not always listened to, the search for meaning that weighs above all on the hearts of the very young. It is as if this year it was even more difficult to hold on to hope, bear witness to it, defend it. But we have no alternatives. Giving credence to hope does not mean chasing straw fires or falling into sentimentality.

We can all make this basic choice. Even those who don't believe can feed this hope. There is a phrase that is very close to my heart: «I sail it, you the wind». Only those who feel like sailing set sail, agree to sail in the open sea of availability, of the impossible that can be transformed. Sometimes hardships and problems are a headwind. There are. Needless to deny it, but they are part of the game; they are part of life, but they are not life. The sail is always up, it can be ruined, torn away by our problems, yet it remains a sail. Ready to meet the wind of good that pushes her, the faith that feeds her, the love that gives her hope. Love remains love, like a sail remains a sail. Our journey will bear fruit, perhaps we will see them and perhaps not, but the miracle of our choices for change will be accomplished. And if we don't see them, it doesn't matter. Others will pick them up.

Ernesto Olivero
NP January 2023

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