Not even the mud

Publish date 08-02-2023

by Ernesto Olivero

Ideals, when they are true, really move mountains, become attractive, make life choices sprout that do not know the impossible

It is possible to see the eyes of a child and the big dream of him without turning it off.
It is possible to imagine and commit to a world in peace and without weapons.
It's possible not to regret the good times and grow old without ever giving up.
It is possible to have great responsibilities and to serve.
It's possible to change your life if I'm wrong.
It is possible to change the world despite fear and mistakes.
It is possible to hear the cry of those who cry and the silence of those who implore.
It is possible to catch an unshed tear or a hidden drama.
It is possible to see the sun even when it is not there, the stars not yet out.
It is possible not to be afraid.
Not even mud, because a man can always be born and reborn from mud.

Ernesto Olivero
NP February 2023

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