Incredible God

Publish date 09-02-2021

by Ernesto Olivero

The concreteness of a faith that speaks.

Incredible God, you come to meet us and choose a different encounter for each one. You think of them all, my God, to make me meet Love, your Love. You call me by name and you love me so much that you allow me to call you. I can call you by name like a father, a brother, a friend, without disrespect and loving you too.

Incredible God, you never give up. You are cunning, wise, tender, you do not stop trying, until the last. You always have something new in store, for everyone. I break my head, I don't know how to get out of a tangle and here you arrive silent, elusive and find the right solution for me. And only afterwards, looking back, do I realize that my uncertain steps followed the traces you left me, while an unthinkable network of coincidences guided me to find the way.

Incredible God, who loves everyone, who looks at the heart and does not stop at appearances. You really love everyone: every woman, man, child, old, very old. You ignore the colors, the races, what we call belonging, then you smile: you know who we are all children and all brothers.

Incredible God: even if I turn my back, indifferent or annoyed, you remain in love. No sin drives you away, no evil can dissuade you. Even the worst of the worst finds you ready to lean over me, to find the consoling word that makes me hope again.

Incredible God, who invents a word of love for everyone and different for everyone, and you suffer, but be silent in front of those who reject it. In the meantime, you continue to insist.

Incredible God, you create a love song for each of us. Those who surrender fall into your arms and for the first time they know true joy. For each one, God, you sing your mad lover's refrain. When I realize it, the desire comes from my heart to make you known, to make your name known: incredible God.

Ernesto Olivero
NP February 2021

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