One kilo each

Publish date 13-02-2024

by Ernesto Olivero

Today the world navigates by sight. Navigate thinking about your own interest, that of your own group, of your own party, or rather of your own party current, of your own oratory, bank, business, lobby... This is why the most important gesture, the one that allows every inhabitant of the planet to have to eat every day, it is not achieved. This is why millions of people continue to die of hunger around the world. Millions of people... And then the many, too many wars, known or not, remembered or not.

With victims, suffering, real, real destruction. We are in 2024, but we seem to be stuck at the beginning of history, at the time of Cain and Abel, when the earth was inhabited by only four people and - out of jealousy - the current Abel was killed, or 25% of the population. humanity. Compared to today, that would be two billion people... Between deaths and victims of hunger, wars and poverty, we are perhaps not so far from that figure. Indeed... From this moment on, however, everything can change. Apparently impossible things can actually be done because there are the resources to do it. Complications arise when you don't have the courage to look yourself in the face and tell yourself the truth. For the man who fills himself only with his own ego, the other becomes a slave to be used or destroyed.

Man is like a sack. An empty bag will only stand up if you fill it with service lived out of pleasure, with generosity lived out of love, with knowledge and shared knowledge. Otherwise an empty sack remains, because greed, indifference - which make others appear like Abel, the Abel dying of hunger - fill nothing. The key to getting out of it is to follow your conscience: treat others with the love you expect for yourself.

Hunger, war and poverty can be fought successfully: Sermig which in its first 60 years saw millions of people helping millions of other people. Proof of this are the thousands of Turin residents who gave five tons of food to the poor on the last day of 2023. Ultimately it's simple, if each of us donates even just a kilo of food, hunger would have many more enemies.

photo: Ernesto Olivero, on board a plane carrying humanitarian aid to Beirut, shows a photo of Dom Luciano Mendes de Almeida (who passed away a few days ago), the first who invited Sermig to help Lebanon

Ernesto Olivero
NP February 2024

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