Work 4.0 and Civic Consciousness and where to find it

Publish date 22-11-2022

by Aurora Antonucci

Work 4.0
Human dignity in the digital world
by Domenico Marino and Tommaso Marino
Ave, 2022

New technologies, the digital revolution and artificial intelligence have brought about great changes in the labor market and opened up new scenarios. On the one hand, they allow us to glimpse the possibility of reducing the pain of work, on the other they fuel new and more sophisticated forms of discrimination.
Work is one of the pillars of a country's development. It must be considered a human activity characterized by dignity, regularity, security, fair remuneration, the ability to constitute a moment of human growth. That is, something that starts from people, which contributes to economic and social growth and which becomes a virtuous expression of human creativity.

Civic conscience and where to find it
History of an Italy that resists
by Luca Rolandi and Gloria Schiavi
Neos Editions, 2022

The book tells the story of active resistance in its many facets: urban, agricultural, ecological, social. In a word, human. Voice is given to a series of initiatives put in place by ordinary citizens who have shown themselves capable of initiating changes within their realities, moving towards sustainability, re-use, the network, co-housing, agriculture biological, saving other human beings. the stories in this book tell the commitment of women and men, young people and adults. A commitment matured and proposed thanks to an awareness of the need to act personally, without waiting for one's requests to be accepted by the institutions. This collection of cases and testimonies brings to the fore those innovative beehives, which grow in Italy

Aurora Antonucci
NP August / September 2022

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