Without shepherds? - Juan Gerardi

Publish date 10-06-2022

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Without shepherds?
The crisis of vocations and the future of parishes
by Domenico Agasso Edizioni Rubbettino, 2021

In Sesto, in Val Pusteria, Christine Leiter, mother and theological scholar, celebrated the first funeral officiated by a woman in a Catholic church last October 2019.
In the diocese of Cefalù, the bishop has entrusted the parish of San Paolo Apostolo to a group of lay people.
They are not as you might imagine oddities or white flies.
The Vatican last summer gave a mandate to parishes to resort to the laity for the celebration of funerals, weddings and baptisms if a priest was not available.
In this book Domenico Agasso, Vaticanist for the newspaper La Stampa, takes us on a journey to this Italy without shepherds, along the paths of the Spirit who in his "fantasy" opens up new paths in what appears to all to be a desert.

Juan Gerardi

Nunca más - Never again
by Anselmo Palini Editrice Ave, 2021

Nunca más! No more kidnappings, assassinations, violence, massacres, torture, disappeared!
In Guatemala in the second half of the twentieth century, oppressed by ferocious military dictatorships, the voice of Bishop Juan Gerardi rose high and loud to ask for truth and justice for the thousands of victims of repression and the violation of human rights.
Having become uncomfortable due to the political, military and economic power that dominated the country, it has been silenced forever.
But the testimony of this martyr bishop, still little known in Italy, continues today to question us and to show us the way to another possible world, where finally, as the biblical text states, law is observed and justice is practiced.

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