Welcome ourselves

Publish date 25-07-2022

by Giorgio Ceragioli

If we can be astonished at being alive, if we can be astonished by existence, if we can be like a small child who accepts life not as a tolerance but with intensity, truly welcoming it as it comes day to day. day without even asking questions, with the joy of existing, everything becomes more livable.

To welcome ourselves first of all is to welcome life with amazement, with simplicity, with joy. Then we will see how to welcome the joys, the sufferings, the sickness, the difficulties, the neighbor and all the rest; but as a starting point, there should perhaps be this capacity to amaze us at living. If you welcome life, you welcome yourself; if you welcome life, in addition to welcoming yourself, as well as believing in yourself, with your limitations and your difficulties, but also with your real possibilities and your talents, you welcome history.

And thought leads us once again to broad, immense horizons: because life is history, it is the history of all men, of this humanity of which we are part: it is the history of humanity's journey: of this river of humanity that it passes around us, it passes with us, it was before us, it will be after us.

This existence of humanity is not just a survival, it is not accidental; it is truly a "story", a providential plan that manifests itself in the strangest ways and perhaps unthinkable for us; it is a movement of humanity from an origin to a point of arrival, along a path that Providence somehow marks, and helps us to travel, even with the difficulties, even with the uncertainties that exist.

Being convinced that this story is truly full of meaning, means accepting to understand the difficulties of men, their imperfections, their sins, it means being a brother with others, welcoming not only ourselves but also others in their concreteness, for what they really are.

da “Progetto” (ora “NP”), 1992, n. 8

Giorgio Ceragioli

NP Marzo 2022

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