Wealth for all

Publish date 23-11-2022

by Giorgio Ceragioli

What are the characteristics of the planetary society? It is the society in which men of all races, religions, cultures mix; in which national borders have diminished for reasons of economic, cultural, health, ecological, security interdependence, allowing easy movement and exchanges.

Will it be a uniform and mass society, in which everyone does and thinks the same things as the other, in which everyone is identical to the other? The fear of uniformity can be overcome because many men with different characteristics they are present together in the same territory, in the same workplace, in the same school, in the same meeting places, in the same streets; because society itself will be interconnected, that is, directly connected: what will happen in Dakar or Milan, anywhere, will have repercussions everywhere more than today. A society in which there are many diversified tensions, many people who come from different experiences, cultures and sensitivities, a society that I define as provocatively disordered, is not easily standardized. This "disorder" due to individuals of different cultures, with different starting points, with different hopes and life plans, can lead to a mixture of civilizations and people.

Multiracial society is likely to be very diverse within any single nation, with very dynamic and enriching tensions and ways of being. If cultures interact, a transcultural society is launched: we must not kill its germs today, on the contrary, it is important to encourage the acceptance of new cultures capable of fostering a new cultural richness.
In a multiracial and planetary society, everyone's development is built, because allowing everyone to expand their full potential is an enrichment for everyone.

Giorgio Ceragioli
from “Progetto” (now “NP”), 1992, n. 5

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