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Publish date 23-02-2022

by Redazione Sermig

BOSNIA. Thanks to the willingness of many friends to share, it was possible to send a further significant tranche of aid for the assistance of refugees in Bosnia, again through Caritas Italiana and its field workers in Sarajevo.
For almost three years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been grappling with a very serious crisis: several thousand migrants - Afghans, Pakistanis, Bengalis, Iranians ... - who remain stuck there in their attempt to reach the EU, without a regulated status and with scarce assistance offered by the authorities who are unable to manage the situation adequately, also arousing a negative attitude from the local population, in turn often in need. The harshness of last winter has highlighted the ongoing drama and the need to give you an answer.
The aid now sent will help support an articulated plan by Caritas Banja Luka to continue the interventions in the autumn-winter, also extended to vulnerable groups of the local population; strengthening the network of organizations that implement them.

HAITI. Great support for the program of mobile clinics of the Camillian fathers.
The great generosity of many friends, who shared for the victims of the devastating earthquake of 14 August 2021 in Haiti and the misery that has afflicted people for the longest time, has allowed Sermig to strongly support the project that Camillian fathers have entrusted us with: the mobile clinics in the Grand'Anse region.
The earthquake struck this region, in the south of Haiti, where the Camillian community has been present for almost twenty years in Jérémie, the capital, where a modern hospital is about to be opened. In the emergency of the earthquake, medicines and medical supplies and anything else necessary were made available to the few health facilities and people.
And the mobile clinics have come into action: in agreement with the parish that collaborates for logistics and relations with the local community, a team of a dozen people - doctors (usually including a gynecologist) goes to a village by some means. , and an orthopedist), pharmacist, nurses, and attendants. A crowd awaits them and, in available structures or in tents that are brought and set up for one or two days, hundreds of people are visited, given drugs and medical supplies.
The support of Sermig will now give continuity for a year or more to the activity of the mobile clinics - dozens of interventions then - throughout the poor mountainous hinterland of Jérémie, without health coverage or good access roads. People left to themselves: the program aims to offer access to effective health care, drugs, and also to increase knowledge of the state of health and the most urgent needs of the population both in health care and in the protection of the most vulnerable groups, and their needs for home, education ...
This will also be the basis for planning with the people, the parishes, other actions to permanently improve the reality of life, and the cohesion, of the local community: houses, school buildings, food, access to water ... with particular attention to the groups most vulnerable: malnourished children, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, mentally ill.

NP November 2021

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