We are all special

Publish date 26-10-2023

by Arsenale dell’Incontro

As we already told you in the last issue, at the end of June the annual end-of-year party took place here at the Arsenale. It was born from the desire to offer our little ones the same opportunity that their brothers and sisters have in school, but year after year it has been enriched with a much broader meaning, it has truly become the celebration of the whole community.

It is always exciting to see very young children and the elderly, parents and authorities, friends who have known us for almost twenty years and others who have just arrived in the same tent... all happy to be there, all moved by the joy that shines from the eyes of every child and teenager on stage. Everyone is ready to lend a hand where needed, as one would do at a family party, because after all that is the atmosphere... a family that welcomes because it chooses (and learns a little more every day) above all to welcome each other diversity, in mutual riches, and also in mutual efforts and weaknesses. All somehow aware of taking part in something much bigger than an end of year party...

Each time we choose a title that reflects the path we have traveled and we want to share it as a precious treasure. This year the proposal came to us from the educators: "We complete each other". Yes, because this is the precious experience of these years: if when someone is missing the others try to do their part, if when you can't be there in person you still find a way to be close to everyone, if everyone tries to give their better ourselves and to help others discover and bring out the best in them... we truly complete each other and our being a community that welcomes and loves every child and every young person entrusted to us allows us to overcome difficulties together , indeed, to make it an opportunity to grow and strengthen the bonds of good that unite us. And this is true among us here, but also thousands of kilometers away with those who often cannot be present in person but, in the gift of communion that is the Fraternity, has made and makes all this possible every day. We experienced it in a concrete way also at this party.

The children and young people in the opening song reminded us of the keys that make it possible: love, collaboration, trust, generosity, peace, kindness, mutual help, will... may these continue to be the roots that unite us, make us grow together , increasingly make this house and our lives the Arsenal of Encounter.

At the end of the party a priest told us: in the joy in the eyes of every little one on that stage and in the people gathered under this tent today I saw the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom under a tent that welcomes everyone, a Kingdom not heard in words but seen in the gaze of the little ones. The Kingdom we would increasingly like to serve. Completing each other.

Arsenale dell’incontro

NP Agosto-Settembre 2023

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