Publish date 27-12-2023

by Fabio Arduini

There is a time to do something else, and a time to wait. When it comes to stopping time and waiting, we think of a time in suspense, perhaps during which we would not know just what to do. Etymologically correct: do nothing at all, except, however, use your gaze. Waiting derives from the Latin spicere, that is to look, with the addition of ex (which has transformed into the initial a), that is, a reason, an objective, a point towards which to move the eyes and scrutinize. Consequently, without doing anything else. Like a sentry. And now let's scroll through the dictionary, to then find another word, its close relative and today easier to connect to seeing: it is the word aspect, which came out of the ancient way of forming words to start from the action. Regarding appearance, it has become customary to consider it a word linked to superficiality, to what is not lasting or profound. Depends. In fact, the appearance collects what the eyes have been searching for: something, a landscape, a person. Stopping other activities and looking with your eyes what to look at. Or continuing to do everything else, and yet being satisfied with a superficial or prejudicial look.

Fabio Arduini
NP November 2023

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