Unknown to myself

Publish date 30-01-2022

by Luca Periotto

Water is all alike and yet it is never the same. Water carried by the current of a great river, for example. It could coincide with the passage of time, we could take the same photo over and over again, yet a slight variation will be enough to ensure that that one first photo is unique and unrepeatable, proof of verification. As well as the water, the sky and the clouds, not to mention the movement of the leaves that never remain the same. I was looking for a landscape that was similar to a painting, I finally found it one evening near a clearing near the river Po in Casalgrasso (CN). A place where once, not even so far away, to pass from one bank to the other one had to wait for the service of the ferryman who was transporting men, wagons and animals aboard a kind of raft moved by oxen tied to ropes and winches. A time when it was almost unthinkable to think of building a bridge or a road.

© Luca Periotto
NP November 2021

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