Trust and fear

Publish date 09-05-2022

by Giorgio Ceragioli

We believe little in peace. We believe little in development. We believe little in technology. We have mental, cultural reserves, fears, uncertainty, tranquility to defend. The creation of a new world scares us, it seems beyond our reach.

Managing a civilization of peace means renouncing divisions, defenses, national borders.

Managing development means accepting a new social pact, no longer just between classes as after the industrial revolution, but between nations with an international openness in full contrast with cultural, as well as economic and selfish closures.

Managing technology means willingness to change, to study, to modify cultural and behavioral models so that everyone can enjoy the possible benefits, to accept the responsibility of inventing and experimenting.

We have the key to reading all this, but we find it difficult to believe in it, to try to deepen it, to transform it into concrete actions. We would often prefer to hide the talent underground to give it back to the master who entrusted it to us to traffick it, rather than run the risk of really trafficking it in the service of ourselves and the neighbor we meet on the road to Jericho. The Samaritan was able to pay the hotel and treatment to the unfortunate traveler attacked by thieves because he had trafficked his talents, which he made, without difficulty, available to those in need, and then continued his journey to continue trafficking in talents. received.

We lack courage, perhaps because we lack the trust that God's children should have in their Father who assured them that they could move mountains if they had enough faith. The lack of the necessary trust in God to help our neighbor today leads us not to use peace, development, technology as instruments of fraternity: it prevents us from recognizing the signs of the times.

from “Progetto” (ora “NP”), 1991, n. 2

Giorgio Ceragioli

NP Gennaio 2022

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