Publish date 08-02-2022

by Andrea Gotico

In fifth grade, you have to get used to middle school. It's a phrase I often hear from teachers and parents outside of school. I noticed it too because my middle son always has a diary full of them: mathematics, past simple, tertiary sector, do re mi fa, adverbs of frequency, Greek and Roman that with the sword hang over him and over our heads. The oldest, on the other hand, is a veteran of the eighth grade. Outside school I often heard people say: "And yes, this year is tough, but better! So they get used to high school. " Even the youngest who is in the penultimate year of kindergarten begins to color as if there were no tomorrow ... it will certainly be to get him used to the first grade. Even during the summer holidays you have to train the following year with 180-page books entitled Viva le vacanze. Christmas, Easter, All Saints' Day and Republic holidays ditto. On weekends you also have to stay trained for Monday morning, whether one ever forgets everything in two days.

Life is hard and we all understood it, and it is obvious that you have to study to achieve goals ... I think it's pretty clear by now! Take me for crazy, but do you ever think that sometimes in life you can also live the present without having something to do for tomorrow? My grandfather always said to me: "My son, if you want to have a future, live the present, if you live tomorrow, what's the point of today?". How to blame you dear grandfather, just give me a moment that we finish the research on the Babylonians and then I'll try again!

Andrea Gotico
NP November 2021

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