Publish date 21-10-2022

by Renzo Agasso

What more can we say about Aldo Moro, about his tragic end? Books and films - not always faithfully - perpetuate the memory. The fifty-five days of imprisonment in the hands of the self-appointed assassins Red Brigades, however, overwhelm the value of the Christian Democratic leader's life and politics.
It is therefore convenient to listen to Moro himself, that is, to re-read his words, appreciate their depth, regret their loss. In his last speech - political testament - he says to the parliamentary groups of the Christian Democrats, riotous, uncertain and frightened in opening up to the Communist Party: "If you tell me: what will happen in some time? I answer: there may be something new. If it were possible to say: let's skip this time and go directly to this tomorrow, I think it could be accepted. But, dear friends, it is not possible.
Today we have to live, today it is our responsibility ».

“It's about being courageous and confident, it's about living the time we've been given, with all its difficulties. What is important is to refine the soul, to better delineate the physiognomy, to enrich the ideal patrimony of the Christian Democrats. What is important in this passage, if you want it, if it is objectively possible, moderate and significant, is to preserve the unity of the Christian Democrats at all costs ”.
«(…) It is true what I said, that if we were to make a mistake, it is better to make mistakes together. If we succeed, ah! certainly it would be extremely nice to succeed together. But always be together! (...) ".

«But let us remember our Christian character and our popular soul. So let's remember what we are. We are important, but we are important for this amalgam that has characterized Christian Democracy for thirty years. If we are not declined it is because we are all these things together. And without these things we would not be the largest Italian people's party. We keep our physiognomy and we keep our unity. (...) We walk together because the future still belongs to a large extent to us ".
It is February 28, 1978. Sixteen days later Aldo Moro is kidnapped by the Red Brigades, fifty-five more days later brutally murdered.

He had said at another time: "This country will not be saved, the season of rights and freedoms will prove ephemeral, if a new sense of duty is not born in Italy".
Paul VI called him "a good, meek, wise, innocent and friendly man".

Renzo Agasso
NP June / July 2022

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