Together it's possible. Also today

Publish date 21-08-2021

by Chiara Vitali

Making hope spin starting from simple things. In the parish of Jesus as a teenager, in Genoa, stationery and personal and household hygiene materials are being collected for those in a difficult situation. The initiative is managed by a group of adults who have been walking with Sermig for years. "For some time we have been wondering how to be useful" explains Sandra, one of the promoters of the initiative, "and the pandemic was a further reason for reflection: we began to see around us a lot of sadness, together with a lack of positive goals and ideals. ". To move from the idea of ​​a collection to practice it was necessary to ask for help: "we needed a space where we could arrange the material and young people willing to take care of it".
Positive response came from the parish of adolescent Jesus. "The young people told us they were looking for such an initiative. For us it was a sign of great hope». The boys involved are about fifteen: they take care of sorting and cataloging the material. Everything is done in shifts, in compliance with the rules imposed by the health situation. «The material collected is important. But our goal is above all to show that something beautiful can be done even in this weather». These days the word is spreading, the calls are multiplying and the trunks of the cars are more and more full. "The initiative is simple but it involves many: if you realize that" you can "still do something useful, you want to get closer".
The collection takes place twice a month, according to the strength and availability of those who put themselves at the service. Everything will then be taken to the Arsenale della Pace in Turin and distributed from there. The harvest will also proceed in the coming weeks, with an awareness: "We can also live this time of pandemic with meaning".
Chiara Vitali
NP April 2021

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