To the polls

Publish date 25-11-2022

by Gianfranco Cattai

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, had the opportunity to write: «Ban on personal interests. It's time for duties and responsibilities.

The time to think about the common good of the entire population, putting aside the short-term interests that inevitably become biased, individual interests". Marco Tarquinio, director of Avvenire, Italy's fourth daily newspaper, in an editorial on Sunday 24 July: «What is missing, what is needed: popular common sense» and concluded: «It is up to us to try to make the best use of the law exists and to impose responsibility, which has been lacking too much, and the courage to put first not suggestive or stinging slogans, but people's lives and the civil and competent construction of a more just, inclusive and sustainable Italy that we want for ourselves and for the next generation. Popular common sense and peaceful courage which must not continue to be lacking and which do not authorize abstentions".

The president of the Italian Catholic Action, Giuseppe Notarstefano, with respect to the role of Catholics, expresses that: «more than the containers it is important to think about the contents: work, poverty, reforms, peace, protection of creation». To the question whether Azione Cattolica will give an indication of the vote to its members? The answer is clear: «It's not our job, but we will help people face this transition responsibly, critically and in an informed manner.
Voting must be lived with hope. Unfortunately, in the recent past many, including Catholics, looked at the electoral moment with disillusionment and therefore it is urgent to bring about a recovery of abstention".

I end by quoting Father Francesco Occhetta who wrote in the community of connections: «Draghi's sacrifice and the new political framework. [...] Around the Draghi agenda, as has been written by many, a reformism of a Degasperian, pro-European and Atlanticist, meritocratic and supportive, popular and subsidiary, innovator and environmentalist, lover of rights and guardian of duties could regenerate focus on the issues of work and education, economic development and social and demographic sustainability and the protection of human dignity in all its forms. In this hour of history we need to be strong and lucid. Paraphrasing a verse by Ungaretti: the goal is (re) to leave.

Each one brings his own brick to build the common house. The political class needs new people, moderate and competent, capable of liberating hopes and dreams. After all, this moral choice would be the best way to honor Mario Draghi's sacrifice.

Gianfranco Cattai
NP August / September 2022

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