To fly

Publish date 22-02-2021

by Stefano Ravizza

I have always liked to build paper planes and today thanks to Powerup 4.0, a kit designed to fly airplanes, I can also control them with the phone.

The kit consists of an on-board computer and 2 sensors: gyroscope and accelerometer, combined with 2 propeller motors. In the package there are also sheets of paper ready to become an aircraft, or following the instructions you can assemble it using wood or polystyrene.

Once the plane is assembled we can launch it towards the sky just like we would do with a paper airplane and through an app, which requires the bluetooth connection, we can control the power of the propellers and adjust it through the virtual joystick which also allows us to manage the direction and make the airplane make its evolutions in the air.

Powerup 4.0 promises up to 10 minutes of flight even in imperfect weather conditions, thanks to the on-board mini-computer and automatic stabilizers.

NP Dicembre 2020

Stefano Ravizza

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