The end of space

Publish date 24-06-2021

by Andrea Gotico

I don't know how your brains are but there is no more space in mine! I wake up in the morning and 150 notifications on WhatsApp, 40 on Telegram, 2 on Signal and 1 sms are there waiting for me, let's not talk about the email. For a moment I think I have only two alternatives: 1 to hire a secretary, 2 to fire myself to devote myself solely to reading messages. But both are not realistic.
Many of these messages offer me very interesting articles, with a note in the margin: you absolutely must read it! Many of these are infinite dialogues and discussions within various chats that just to scroll without reading it takes 2 minutes, if you are good at mate multiply them by 38 chats. Many say hello to me! Many others attack with a "good wishes Tom and Carmel" assisted by a little face with a trumpet and a hat; punctually followed by twenty other "good wishes from me too" with two trumpets. As you flow, the trumpets inexorably increase. Towards evening the trumpets are no longer on the screen.
At this point it is only 6.30 and all my guts would like to set fire to the phone, burn all the documents and go to live in a cave in the woods, erasing all traces of my existence ... but I have three children to wake up and reality hangs over me.
My grandfather always said: "Dear young man, whoever wants to say too many things is as if he didn't say any" and added: "If you have something important to say go to him and do it, if you don't find the time it means that it wasn't important. ". Thanks grandpa, if I think of you there is new space in my mind!

Andrea Gotico
NP march 2021

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