The return of resentment

Publish date 31-05-2022

by Gian Mario Ricciardi

It is coming back, but it can be avoided. It is the resentment that has conditioned Italy's choices for years. Unfortunately it has resumed to weave the threads of life, of days, of families, of politics. It extinguishes smiles, makes people look nasty, hardens faces, kills dialogue and confrontation, imposes the protection of stocks on many people. It is not difficult to grasp its effects in the daily news, on social media, on TV and at least in part reports and surveys confirm this.

Two years, in fact, at home are bringing out the best and the worst in us.

The best: one third of Italians participated in solidarity initiatives related to the health emergency, joining fundraisers for non-profit associations, for civil protection or for hospitals. Almost a third of those who took action personally carried out free activities in voluntary associations involved in the fight against Covid. 20.7% of Italians believe that the management of the emergency by the institutions has produced good results, for 56.3% it was quite adequate, for 23.0% inadequate.

The worst: are the furious novax, those who respect no one, those for whom we vaccinated are all sold to the pharmaceutical giants, those who have scornfully mocked the president of the European Parliament David Sassoli or insulted Liliana Segre, those who rejoiced in the face of the illness of others such as Professor Galli and other important figures; they are those who took advantage of the resentment of those who did not agree on vaccines to try to put a political stamp on the right and also on the left, fascists and antagonists. And here is the increase in Italy of intolerance and the increase in hatred that is expressed in words. The latest report of the Observatory of Rights put together by four universities (Statale and Cattolica of Milan, Aldo Moro of Bari, La Sapienza of Rome) documents that the target are: women (journalists, scientists, engaged in politics), Jews, gays, disabled people, migrants, the whole Islamic world.

The best and the worst and, in the middle, we are. And, among us, there are those who resent the ongoing pandemic, the unvaccinated sent to the door, the disappointed by the search for a president of the Republic that is not divisive, those who have seen their homes occupied, those rejected by hospitals, or rather, the "postponed" by emergency who cannot make necessary interventions, the poor who see the rich getting richer, the merchants who they have had to pull the shutter down, those offended by a sometimes (too many!) unjust justice, the victims of unfair state inspections, people destroyed by quirks of laws that have nothing to do with responsibility. But not only that: we are there with a mask that has upset our lives and all those who, in this global tragedy, have lost dad. Mom, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. But let's not be overwhelmed by resentment, perhaps gritting our teeth a lot. We add life to days and not just days to life. Another sun is about to rise and, even if with difficulty, it will give us new light.

Gian Mario Ricciardi
NP February 2022

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