The pope's emotion

Publish date 27-03-2023

by Domenico Agasso

The Pope in Piazza di Spagna is moved as he invokes peace at the feet of the Immaculate Conception, last 8 December. Francis celebrates the traditional Act of Veneration at the foot of the statue of the Madonna, and expresses the hope that "war and hatred will not win, but love and forgiveness".

The bishop of Rome pronounces his prayer, which he composed for the occasion: «Today I would have liked to bring you the thanks of the Ukrainian people for the peace that we have been asking the Lord for a long time. Instead I still have to present to you the plea of the children, of the elderly, of the fathers and mothers, of the young people of that tormented land». But in reality "we all know that you are with them and with all the suffering as you were at the cross of your Son". The pontiff is visibly moved and, his voice breaking with emotion, has to interrupt his prayer to the Immaculate Conception for a few moments while he invokes peace for Ukraine. The crowd of faithful, at that moment, warmly applauded Pope Francis.

And then, the bishop of Rome entrusts to the Mother of God in particular «young couples, so that, looking at you and at Saint Joseph, they may courageously go towards life trusting in God's Providence. I bring you the dreams and anxieties of young people, open to future but held back by a culture rich in things and poor in values, saturated with information and deficient in educating, persuasive in deceiving and ruthless in disappointing». Francis especially recommends the kids "who have been most affected by the pandemic, so that they slowly start shaking and spreading their wings and rediscover the pleasure of flying high". And the pontiff ends with an invocation for peace for the Ukrainian people: "Looking at you, who are without sin, we can continue to believe and hope that love will win over hatred, truth will win over lies, forgiveness, peace wins over war. So be it!".

Domenico Agasso

NP Gennaio 2023

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