The law of hope

Publish date 29-05-2021

by Rinaldo Canalis

All day Saturday there was a coming and going of cars and vans carrying sleeping bags and food. The third principle of dynamics says that every action always corresponds to an equal and opposite action. One might expect that, after these long hardships, sufferings and deaths due to Covid, people will be less generous. In many families the economic crisis has to be faced.
Yesterday at the Global Village of Sermig in Cumiana, 4 quintals of food bought by individuals and the total of a van full of sleeping bags for the refugees massed in refugee camps in Bosnia arrived.
Incredible! Starting on the sly, without any desired publicity, the initiative was a great success. A beautiful sunny day accompanies the few local volunteers, allowed by the orange zone of Covid, who sweated a lot, in the cold January, to compose the boxes so that, in the next week, they can take the journey to Sarajevo.
It all starts with a small request for food from the Arsenal of Peace. It turns out that people in the Balkan camps sleep on the ground at minus 20 degrees. We need to help immediately so that they do not freeze to death, waiting for some international body to end the shame of treating human beings in this way tried by a journey on foot that began, more often than not, from distant Afghanistan at war for decades or from some remote village in Pakistan where people often try to escape from the condition of slavery.
Together with the materials, almost 20,000 euros arrived for the purchase of tents and other materials necessary for the first emergencies.
Orderly, parish priests, teachers, ordinary people, arrived carrying only what was requested. During the week they informed themselves. They phoned Sermig to find out what was needed and how the delivery could take place. And it was done in just 5 days and almost exclusively in the Pinerolo area. In the heart of man there is a force antagonistic to selfishness and violence. Yesterday in the laboratory of the Global Village, once again, we experienced it. It is a law that no violence will ever be able to eradicate, at most it reinforces it. It is the law of hope, so concrete and tangible.
Rinaldo Canalis
NP February 2021

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