The Christmas to come

Publish date 22-02-2021

by Davide Bracco








This is not an article but a superstitious exercise. After so many pieces about the closure of cinemas and the possibility (actually the need) to watch / review old and new films in streaming, now I want to overturn the setting, hoping that the situation will change. And so here we are, imagining Christmas at the cinema and browsing the price lists of the distribution companies that usually reserve their most attractive titles for the general public for the end of the year holidays. And at the moment the fact is confirmed and there are three Italian titles that have strong reasons for curiosity:


by Gabriele Mainetti, the highly anticipated return to cinema of the director of "They called him Jeeg Robot", one of the most interesting debuts in recent Italian cinema (catch it up if you missed it). In this new film Mainetti takes up his fetish actor Claudio Santama¬ria for a gothic fable in the style of Tim Burton. In Rome in 1943 some human cases like an ape man and an electric woman work in a circus and many others directed by the circus director who guards them. But a fire deprives everyone of their tent-refuge and throws them into the midst of the horrors of the Second World War ...

Like a cat in tangentiale ... I return to the body of the dead

by Riccardo Milani, another return of a film that had “blown the box office”. The commoner Monica (Paola Cortellesi) and the bourgeois Giovanni (Antonio Albanese) are back. Three years have passed since the end of their love story which, as predicted on the bench in Piazza Cavour, lasted very little, indeed very little, just like a cat on the ring road. Luca Argentero joins the original cast and the very grim Claudio Amendola is also confirmed.


by the Manetti brothers, after 55 years and 850 episodes on paper, one of the longest-running and most sold comics in Italy returns to the big screen. The Rai production spared no expense and hired one of the best young talents (Luca Marinelli) for the protagonist, the hippest actress of recent years (Miriam Leone) for Eva Kant and has bet hard on Commissioner Ginko di Valerio Mastandrea. The directors promise a darkly romantic action film.

And a typical animated film for the Christmas of the little ones? You will find the new film of those Pixar geniuses only on Netflix (SOUL) but the scara¬manzia at Christmas will take us to the cinema (hopefully).

NP Dicembre 2020

Davide Bracco

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