The best of us

Publish date 28-05-2024

by Ale & Eva

The best of us emerges when we have to face some new challenge, when difficulties grow, we overcome fear, we resist some proposal that doesn't correspond to the ethics we experience. When we strongly dream of a new goal and pursue it with all our energy.
We are convinced that all this happens to adults, that it is a path reserved for those who are basically already trained and therefore can exploit all its resources to overcome these obstacles. We don't realize that our children develop these skills. why in every moment of their lives something similar happens to them too. And we don't realize that only thanks to these tests are adults prepared who will have the resources necessary to live a full, virtuous life.
Too often we are worried, fearful that our children are not able to do it, that they are not ready yet… that it isn't their time yet... As if, lacking someone who prepares them for all this, we were trying to put it off forever. Who can never take on the task of training young people to bring out everything in themselves; to improve the world they inherit, live their age to the fullest and their future, if we don't do it first as parents?

Eve & Ale
NP April 2024

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