The Arsenal of Peace in celebration

Publish date 28-10-2020

by Redazione Sermig

Today, 37 years ago, we entered for the first time in the courtyard of the former military arsenal, and the transformation into the Arsenal of Peace began, concretizing the words of the prophet Isaiah: They will break the they will make their swords and plows, of their spears they will make scythes; a nation will no longer raise the sword against another nation, they will no longer learn the art of war.

Today, 7 years ago, Bishop Cesare Nosiglia allowed us to combine this memory with the memory of Mary Mother of the Young.
Today we walk in the silence of dawn following in Ernesto's footsteps, without taking anything with us except a rosary and the presence of God that surrounds us. And then she, Mary, the Mother of Youth, always in her beloved backpack that we pass in turn at each stage. It doesn't matter if you can't do the march in ten thousand as in the past: you and we continue walking at the same pace. We pray for the world and for all suffering people. On this journey we retrace some stages in the history of Sermig, bringing with us all the people who are part of it on earth and in heaven.
We do not enter the Little House of Divine Providence and the Sisters of Sant'Anna, but we leave two caresses on their respective doors. The first stop is at the sanctuary of Maria Consolatrice e Consolata, which saw us take our first steps in faith and has always welcomed our prayers for every need that we found ourselves experiencing personally and as a fraternity.
We entrust all young people to her, especially those who no longer love life. We say goodbye to the church of San Dalmazzo and arrive in via Lascaris, at the Archbishopric: here the then Missionary Office saw the birth of Sermig, and many fundamental episodes of what we are now have come to life. We simply walk, with so many witnesses who recognized us from the beginning, one for all: Father Michele Pellegrino. Not far away is the Carmelite Church of Santa Teresa and we remember Pope Francis with the whole Church, but also Father Mario Nascimbeni, a Carmelite from whom we learned to let ourselves be observed and to keep promises.
Meanwhile, the center of Turin is slowly awakening, someone observes this silent and praying group that crosses Piazza Castello and greets the church of San Lorenzo. The memory here goes to Don Franco Martinacci, a good brother who supported us in the early years of the Arsenale. We stop in front of the Duomo and cross a dormant Porta Palazzo. We stop one last time in front of the parish of the Arsenale della Pace: the parish of San Gioacchino, also the seat of Sermig long ago, shortly after hosting Mother Teresa of Calcutta there who then left us the mandate to bring to home for young people and children.
Last few meters, and we are under the much loved Peace sign, in front of a house that gives hope to many many people every day. We enter with the same spirit and the same determination with which we entered 37 years ago, with the desire to continue living and dreaming every day as if it were the first.

NP August / September 2020



Annalice Ranellucci, a collaborator of Nuovo Progetto for many years and a volunteer in the women's reception of Sermig, passed away on April 7th.
We remember her with affection and gratitude with this prayer.
For what we thought
and we have not put into practice.
For what we had to say
and we did not say.
For what we had to do
and we didn't.
For those who loved us
and we did not love.
For all of this, I pray to you Lord.

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