The "already" of the kingdom

Publish date 25-01-2021

by Giuseppe Pollano

All the "verbs" relating to God that we find in the Magnificat seem to look forward to a different future from today, but we must not think that this will happen at some point with a magnificent miracle of which we will be spectators. History is already saved. Who actually pulverizes the proud, overthrows the powerful, sends the rich back empty? The workers of the Gospel and the workers of justice, equity, truth and love.

History is full of saints who have done this. First of all by placing themselves in conditions of great freedom: enthusiastic about the Lord, they had no things that held them back, and therefore they were free to carry out all these actions. The history of Catholicism, for example, is full of saints who have faced the powerful not as powerful, as Jesus did. His response to Pilate is emblematic (cf. Jn 18:36).

Mary stimulates us to ask ourselves if our freedom is such as to give us the courage to reproach arrogance and pride; if we face them, like Jesus, with meekness; if our lifestyle is to make sure that some humble are raised up, that some rich go away empty-handed, that some hungry are filled with goods.

Selfishness leads us to think that we have always already done too much for others, instead there is an endless field of daily commitment near us and in the world.

Our task is not to leave people in iniquity. Only prayer helps us to fully assume this lifestyle, to live the social mystique.

From meetings at the Arsenal of Peace

NP Novembre 2020

Giuseppe Pollano

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