Techno weapons

Publish date 27-08-2022

by Stefano Ravizza

The latest technologies have always been used in warfare and our age certainly cannot be an exception.

More and more powerful, transportable and precise weapons. But technology has also changed the way war is made.

Technological experts have become almost more important than the soldiers themselves. Experts, for example, able to coordinate armed drones, through planetary remote control systems such as the MUOS, of which Italy hosts a component, or able to create viruses such as Stuxnet capable of blocking a nuclear power plant without firing a single blow. Or even manage 3D printers: logistics are very complex in war theaters, much better to print spare parts or components for weapons on site.

In a hyper-connected world, even war passes through dedicated networks.

Weapons are turning into keyboards and mice, which unfortunately can kill, destroy, starve even more weapons.

We have not yet understood the prophecy of Isaiah.


Stefano Ravizza

NP Aprile 2022

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