Stay together

Publish date 23-08-2021

by Claudia











In winter, the snow has enveloped everything in white and silence. It is played with sleds, every bow that falls is a marvel. Early in the morning, however, they have to shovel before the ambulance arrives, otherwise they will not be able to take the children to the hospital. Even the pastry chef, before putting on his apron, took the shovel and went to work ... and even the snow is an opportunity to help and get help. There is a gentleman who now knows us and knows that with a shovel we are unable to clear the internal driveway well, so he arrives with his snow plow and in a few minutes does the work that we would need a whole morning to do. In the end he doesn't want anything, he's just happy if we offer him some cookies.

Now the lawn is no longer white, on the contrary, some tufts of blue and yellow appear in the sea of ​​green, but in addition to the spontaneous flowers there is a flowerbed to take care of. With the summer we are out and there is work to do. Remove all the dry, discover a narcissus hidden inside the rosemary, make space between the leaves for a primrose. The pond is submerged with reeds to be placed paying attention to the tadpoles that have begun to populate it. Sometimes ducks also appear. They are happy here, then they fly elsewhere. After the dark and cold of winter, now spring gives us the sun already early in the morning.

We dream of the moment when even across the road in the orchard it will be possible to have disabled children work permanently, we dream of the day when school groups can come to help and discover the beauty of nature. For now, let's prune the apricots, plant the olive trees, prepare the soil for the vegetable garden and the aromatic plants. We are designing raised caissons that are also comfortable for those in wheelchairs, we would like to create a vegetable garden that is also beautiful to visit, with small streets accessible under the pergola right into the greenhouse. For now, a group of volunteers has started to come again and the families we host also help us to hoe and sow. Even the little ones get busy and it's a great way to be together.



NP aprile 2021

Claudia Brunello

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