Stay rather than do!

Publish date 08-10-2022

by Matteo Spicuglia

One day a wise person summed up the style of his life thus: "To be, rather than to do." Apparently a contradiction because the soul of that man was anything but lazy, well disposed to action, to meet others, not to spare himself. In short, he was not a sofa type, yet he considered "being" the most important thing. No banality or simplification: that verb had a very specific meaning. For him, "staying" did not mean sitting on the river bank watching life go by. Far from it. It was the method to try to grasp the heart of every action of him, to avoid the risks that every “doing” carries with it. Even for a good purpose. To those who asked him, the sage gladly explained, spoke with an open heart, stared into your eyes before entrusting you with his secret. He said: «Learn to stay in the depth. Don't be afraid of what you will encounter.
Perhaps not everything will be clear, but the gaze will get used to searching even in the dim light. That's where the light is hidden.

Learn to stay in your fears. You will find that nothing is greater than your life and your soul. Look them in the face, wrap them in tenderness, over time they can melt.
Learn to stay within your limits because they are not a cage or a source of frustration, but they can be key to understanding yourself and others more and to truly choose.
Learn to be in your joy. Never take it for granted, defend it, guard it, put it to service, otherwise it will lose its vigor.
Learn to be in your feelings. Never judge them, don't trivialize them, don't run away from your heart. They will be able to show you new facts and paths, but only if you live them as a free person.
Learn to be in everything you do not yet understand. It is a training ground for trust, faith, hope. It is an opportunity to cultivate patience and prepare yourself to live everything at the right time.
Learn to be in your responsibilities. You will understand that no one can live in your place and that the good you can do depends only on you, on your choices, on your availability.
Learn to be faithful. Faithful to your best moments, to the people you have met in life and who have shown you the way. Faithful to your loved ones.

You will realize that constancy is a choice, that every good asks to be nourished and guarded in order not to go out.

Learn to stay in the truth of yourself, not to chase easy enthusiasm or flashes of straw, because no constructed image will give you strength, no recognition.
What matters is to feel the beauty of an authentic life, yours, throbbing in you.

Learn to stay in the maturity that comes your way. Welcome the shades of good that can add to your path.

Try to recognize them. Ask yourself what they say to your life. They will be the instrument for making unity in the depths. Learn to stay even in difficulties. Do not run away. Sometimes they are a reflection of the man you can become, because we often fear the things that are most important to us ".
The sage then added: «If you accept to stay, you will catch many other nuances. You will not be what you were yesterday and you will finally understand that your doing is not an end in itself, it is not an escape, it is not a weapon of mass distraction. It is simply your life that has found meaning ».

Matteo Spicuglia
NP June / July 2022

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