Publish date 22-05-2021

by Stefano Ravizza

Born from an offshoot of SpaceX (Elon Musk's space company), Starlink is the name of a constellation of mini-satellites located in Low Earth Orbit (about 400 km away from the surface) for satellite internet access to bandwidth wide and low latency usable anywhere in the world. When fully operational, the Starlink constellation should consist of about 12 thousand mini-satellites, thus able to guarantee network coverage
Starlink operates on a lower orbit than other satellite Internet companies. This allows it to eliminate the problem of latency (the time between when the user tries to access a resource and when the resource is actually available), but forces it to "cover" the earth's surface with a decidedly number of satellites greater. The satellite signal can then be picked up thanks to simple parabolic antennas connected to particular modems. In short, fast internet and everywhere, let's just hope it doesn't fall into our head.
Stefano Ravizza
NP february 2021

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