Stand on God's side

Publish date 14-12-2020

by Giuseppe Pollano

The Magnificat, read in its second part, is the song of all those who in some way are oppressed or killed, it is the song of a very strong claim.

God's mercy causes a historical reversal. In the kingdom there will be no more humiliated, no hungry, and it will be glory. But already in earthly history God overturns things. There are the humble, but there are also those who are on the side of the poor, salvation is already working now.

Mary's reaction in the comparisons of human history means that, although she is happy with God, at the same time she is unhappy with the way history goes on and then reacts by accepting Christ; and when Christ is on the cross he will agree with him, he will not tell him to come down, but, in his heart, despite all the torment, to remain there.

Mary's profound dissent reveals a very strong woman, with great personality and energy, who faces the whole of human history by throwing the Word of God into it. Being our mother, this way of life passes to us. In other words: we take it upon ourselves, with our way of living, to be on God's side, to be operators of this social overthrow.

Our Lady praises God with the vibrant heart of a woman who knows what poverty means, but who does not complain of being poor, but complains of human disorder.

In following Christ, Mary showed us her passion for God and for men who, within the limits of this world, have the right to be happy. Let's imitate it.

from meetings at the Arsenal of Peace

Giuseppe Pollano

NP Ottobre 2020

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