Social friendship

Publish date 20-05-2024

by Redazione Sermig

Alone we cannot be happy, only together.
Aristotle already remembered this.

(S. Zamagni)

Current events are showing us with absolute clarity that the world we lived in no longer exists. At an individual and social level, behavioral styles are rapidly changing. It is not easy to experience these transformations, so fear, selfishness and frustration often prevail. But the changes are also an opportunity to rethink personal and community relationships. And the key may be social friendship. In an era of fierce individualism, we need to renew the passion for the common good in all, believers and non-believers. Thinking of a society that is not only founded on solidarity, but also - and above all - on fraternity and generosity appears to be the most effective way to generate and distribute value.

We will talk about it in this issue with Stefano Zamagni, economist and father of the civil economy, with Irvin Mujcic who will tell us about his return to Bosnia many years after the Srebrenica massacre which hit his family hard, animated by the desire to build a shared future between peoples and cultures that have fought each other in the past. Finally, with the help of Jessica, a young Sermig volunteer, we will delve deeper into the People's Lunch, the activity which, by putting the world at the table, aims to help people become aware of injustices and stimulate their commitment to a better world , starting from the daily reality of each one.

By the editorial staff
NP Focus
NP April 2024

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