Small and large gestures of good

Publish date 12-07-2021

by Redazione Sermig

A year has passed since we suddenly found ourselves suspending all activities in the presence of the Arsenal of the Encounter due to Covid-19. None of us imagined that after a year we would still be in the same situation, with schools in Jordan continuing to teach at a distance also this semester. If we look around us, after a year of pandemic, on a social level the scenario is decidedly difficult, humanly almost tragic: as in many other countries on every continent, many people have lost their jobs, which were often already precarious, and have found themselves without any kind of social protection. Inequalities, which had already been growing in the months before the pandemic, have further intensified.

The priority, in the attempt to "save what can be saved", is given to the economy, to what it produces, while the weakest see the situations of hardship and exclusion that they already experienced increase. Yet in recent months we cannot say that we have only seen these difficulties and this darkness grow. Parallel to all this, or perhaps it would be better to say mysteriously intertwined with all this, as in the parable of the wheat and the weeds, we have witnessed many small and large gestures of good that have continued to grow tenaciously. We think of some children that we could not reach with distance teaching and who were sought by our teachers using all their creativity and educational experience.

The mother of one of these children told us: «After I saw everything you have done to reach us and help us, I realized how much you love my son and that I too had to do my part!». And in this time we have seen this mom get involved and get involved like never before. We look with great gratitude to the commitment of a 25-year-old boy who has given his willingness to act as a pivot for the team that is taking care of the Arsenal of the Match in this time when we are in Italy, and that after six months continues to be there with a great sense of responsibility.

We thank all those who have not been frightened by the changes that this time has imposed on the life we ​​were used to, from parents to teachers, passing through the bus drivers, the escorts, the cleaning ladies, the secretary, the volunteers. … And thus made it possible to bet on an Arsenal that has been operating remotely for a year now without ever ceasing to be close to the little ones. Small gestures of good that in a difficult situation like the one we are going through become a great, important sign, also for the community and for society. They say with life, with the facts that taking care of the weakest even in a time like this is not only possible, but it becomes light and a sign of always being there, which is the key to looking to the future with hope.

As we prepare to return to Jordan we still do not see clear prospects on the horizon ... but the desire to contribute to the tenacious growth of all these sprouts of good pushes us to pack up once again and to go, certain that we are not alone and happy. to be able to return to do our part more closely.

NP Marzo 2021

Arsenale dell’incontro

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