Simply thank you

Publish date 01-04-2024

by Arsenale dell’Incontro

Shukran is the Arabic word meaning thank you. It is one of the first words that each of us learned upon arriving in Jordan, because being able to say to those in front of us our gratitude for their presence, for what they give us, for what they allow us to achieve every day is the key to meeting is the key to brotherhood.

The word Shukran continually resonates within the walls of the Arsenale, even to our children and teenagers it is one of the first things that is continuously taught and remembered. In this difficult and particularly dark time we felt that it was important to give it one more opportunity to resonate, and so during the meetings with parents at the end of January we asked parents, volunteers, educators and collaborators to write their thanks. We are giving you some, because in this simple gesture we have warmed each other's hearts and we feel that today more than ever there is a need for a warm heart, there is a need for renewed hope, which sometimes also comes from saying thank you to each other, simply thank you.

Thank you Arsenale dell'Incontro, thank you Sermig... for the continuous support you give to our children so that they develop the abilities they have and bring out all those that are hidden within them, thank you for giving them all those possibilities that they wouldn't have at home.

Thank you for the great effort you continually make to help our children, for the great change you have brought to their lives.

Thank you because we always find a smile on your faces.

Thank you for helping us communicate with our children and understand them more.

Thank you for giving them joy and hope.

Thank you because we have been going to the Arsenale for more than ten years and we have never found anything but the best for our children here.

Thank you because you are always there for them and for us.

Thank you for involving us in the great experience of giving something of ourselves, for the love and care we receive in this which is our second home. For me, working here is one of the blessings I have received from God, it makes me feel loved and makes me want to live this with responsibility. I especially thank Ernesto who is the father of this house, I love Sermig and the Arsenale because they give everything without asking for anything in return, because they supported me in the difficult moments of my life.

Thanks to Sermig I never feel alone.

Thank you for teaching me the joy and desire to learn and to always look for new ways to improve myself, to be patient and to welcome even the moments when I make mistakes, thank you for teaching me that nothing is impossible in life.

Thank you for the family atmosphere that reigns here.

Thank you because here I learned the value of teamwork and how to keep selfishness at bay.

Thank you for the experience of humanity that we are experiencing together.

Thank you for your continued giving.

Thank you because here I learned that working at the service of people is the key to happiness, that the love and goodness we sow in others also bear fruit in our hearts, thank you because you changed my life.

Thank you for teaching me that there is no limit in building peace, in accepting others, in giving everything you can to help people.

Thank you for the gift of being part of this family that I love.

Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart. It is a thank you that is always mutual. A thank you that becomes a meeting, a thank you that makes us a community together.

La Fraternità del Sermig in Giordania

NP Febbraio 2024

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