Silence speaks, listens, loves

Publish date 17-07-2021

by Annamaria Gobbato

“I cried for my father, but I also cried for the millions of other people who have died. Destiny allowed me to live. This grace implies a great responsibility: I must bring hope to the people who still suffer and struggle ”. Speaking like this is Marcel Marceau, a French with Jewish origins. Mimo famous throughout the world, for many years remained silent about his past: very young resistant to Nazism, after the arrival of the Allies he fought in the French army against the German occupiers as a liaison officer with the US armed forces under General Patton. “The people who came back from the concentration camps have never been able to talk about it ... My name is Mangel. I am Jewish. Perhaps this, unconsciously, contributed to my choice of silence ». A choice that also involved the rescue of one hundred Jewish children taken to Switzerland on reckless journeys, with the exclusive help of his courage and artistic skills. Arturo Brachetti tells it in the podcast of the film “Resistance - The voice of silence”. Art and allied solidarity to bring life to even the greatest tragedies.
Annamaria Gobbato
NP March 2021

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