Science and consciousness

Publish date 04-05-2022

by Anna Chiara Toffanin

The meetings in Piazza Giovani have resumed, the streaming broadcast born at the Arsenale della Pace during the lockdown period to reach the children in their homes and discuss various issues with the world of politics, music, spirituality, of communication, creating an editorial office of forty young people from all over Italy. This new edition is presented in a completely new format, particularly dedicated to schools: 150 students from high schools and high schools from all over Italy join directly on the social channels of Sermig, and around 130 children from the Turin schools.
Some of the students were actively involved in the production of the episode, by researching the contents and stories told during the live broadcast. The leitmotif of this new edition is the various facets of conscience, the central theme of the manifesto letter of Sermig's civil commitment, spread throughout Italy on the occasion of the Corsa Rosa.

"Science and conscience" the theme of the first episode, broadcast on December 10. Among the guests, Linda Raimondo, aspiring astronaut student who talked about her commitment to making her dream come true; Davide Spina, media educator and Paolo Canova, science communicator on social networks, who shared their experience in the field of communication and science with young people; and finally the volunteers of the Re.Te. (Technological Restitution) by Sermig together with the students of the Porro Institute of Pinerolo, who presented one of the latest development projects they developed, a bottle capable of sterilizing water.
The next episode is scheduled for March, updates on social networks and on the Sermig website.

Anna Chiara Toffanin
NP January 2022

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