Savior on the waters

Publish date 30-11-2022

by Carlo Nesti

FUENTES In the Synchronized Swimming World Championships, if it weren't for the Spanish coach Andrea Fuentes, we would no longer be able to speak of the American Anita Alvarez alive. At the end of the performance, the synchronetta remained in the water for 2 minutes, passed out, but no one realized the seriousness of the situation. Only her coach understood that Alvarez was no longer breathing, so she dived in, took her to the poolside, and revived her. A miraculous intervention. HEROIC

CURRY The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions again, led by ace Stephen Curry, a believing basketball player, who her mother decided by faith not to have an abortion. He was "just" 1.88 centimeters tall, during college, they told him that he would never make it, because he was too short and frail. Today he is the man who brought basketball back within everyone's reach, becoming the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history: 3000 points. UNRETAINABLE

JABER One family, 2 different nationalities. It had already happened in football, and the Pogba brothers, Boateng and Xhaka come to mind, but the story of Abdallah and Mahmoud Jaber goes further. Abdallah, born in 1993, has long since chosen the Palestine national team, and was its undisputed captain for a long time. Mahmoud, born in 1999, recently made his debut with the Israel national team, taking the field against Iceland in Haifa. UNIVERSAL

CLERICI At the age of 91, the man who must be remembered as a role model for the younger tennis enthusiasts passed away. Italo Calvino defined Gianni Clerici as "a writer lent to journalism". Class, passion and competence. His duets with Rino Tommasi remain incomparable during the commentary of the matches. A poet of white gestures, who knew how to go beyond the aristocratic origins of the racket, to make his chronicle completely popular. TALENTUOUS

AGOSTINI Giacomo Agostini, the greatest interpreter of motorcycling ever, has turned 80 in splendid form. He won 15 world titles, of which 8 in the 500 and 7 in the 350, winning 122 races. When it comes to choosing between the best memories, he says: «After a success in Spa, the Italian miners went to work with the tricolor. I have been to Marcinel, and I know what it meant for them to share the triumph of a compatriot». MOVING

JAWARA The Gambian referee Mustapha Jawara, 22, is the first migrant registered in the Hague. Six years ago he landed in Salerno, after a journey in which he risked his life. His story is similar to that of thousands of young compatriots fleeing, either because of ethnic-religious clashes, or because of the misery of their families. It should be noted that, in the 17 arbitration sections of Campania, there are many migration inclusion projects. COURAGEOUS

CATTAPAN The third edition of the traveling review Mask to Ride – None excluded. The kart cross ace Mattia Cattapan, organizer of the initiative, argues that "disability it is not a limitation, but it can be an asset”. Passing from Belluno to Brescia, from Turin to Chiavari, and from Folgaria to Naples, the motocross exhibitions become "motor therapy", as a source of fun and involvement of participants and spectators. THERAPEUTIC

Carlo Nesti
NP August / September 2022

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