Rekabi without veil

Publish date 11-03-2023

by Carlo Nesti

The Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi competed without a veil, giving life to a challenge to the regime, censored by Tehran. The law requires female athletes to try their hand at wearing the veil even outside the country, if they represent it officially.
It happened in Seoul, during the Asian championships of the international federation. The video, which portrays her, went viral on social media, has acquired a symbolic value for all women. BRAVE

In the surroundings of Turin, where this magazine was born, there is a town celebrating: Chivasso. Francesco Bagnaia became the strongest centaur in the world, on an Italian motorcycle, the Ducati, 50 years after Agostini. It is "Pecco" for anyone, and above all for her sister Carola, who, as a child, could not pronounce her brother's name.
Bagnaia remained a simple boy, completely different from his volcanic master, namely Valentino Rossi. RECKLESS

Don Dario Viganò and Valerio Cassetta are the authors of the book Not only effort, it is love. The champions of sport between passion and solidarity, Edizioni San Paolo. In the preface of the work, Pope Francis writes: «It is from great defeats that beautiful triumphs, virtuous rides, unimaginable ascents can be born.
Those who are used to winning, resting on their laurels, risk falling into arrogance and presumption". HUMBLE

It is common knowledge that football is no longer able to draw samples from the natural nurseries established by the speakers, after the sixties. But there are, fortunately, edifying exceptions, some time ago Darmian, and now Bastoni.
The Inter fan said he owed much of his growth as a man to that intertwining of ethical and Christian values that permeated his childhood. Without the oratory, it would not have become Bastoni. EDUCATIONAL

The "Swimming in the seas of the globe" project was designed to support a bill on rehabilitation therapies. It is the nineteenth stage of Salvatore Cimmino: 55 kilometers swimming in the Tiber, from the center of Rome, to the sea of Ostia.
The goal is to give a voice to 5 million people, and their families, blocked by the non-application of laws, which also exist, concerning participation in the active life of our country. SOCIAL

In Italian football there is an eternal goalkeeper, called Lamberto Boranga. He is now 80 years old, but no one is surprised if he still sees him flying, at that age, from post to post. In Serie A, in the 1960s and 1970s, he played for Fiorentina, a pupil of Enrico Albertosi, and for Cesena.
After his career, joining Ottavio Missoni, he dedicated himself to athletics, over 100 times Italian champion in high, long, triple and decathlon jumps. TIMELESS

For Lorenzo Casali, the World Gymnastics Championships represent an important step towards the Paris 2024 Games. Born in 2002 in Hanoi, Vietnam, he grew up in an orphanage, and at 5 months old was adopted by Stefano and Stefania, a couple living in the province of Ancona.
As a child he played soccer, but at the age of 9 he met Fabrizio Marco Tullio, who introduced him to artistic gymnastics. He is blue with almond eyes. INTEGRATED

Carlo Nesti
NP December 2023

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