Rediscover trust

Publish date 09-09-2021

by Redazione Sermig

Perhaps you have also happened to be ill and ill quite seriously: a bronchopneumonia, a sore throat with a very high fever, a malaria, any disease that then leaves you debilitated, tired for several days. Well, the first time you put your nose out the window immediately after the illness, the first time you take the stairs and go back to the street, even if the weather is bad, it marks an intense moment of joie de vivre.

It would seem that illness, suffering, difficulties have led to clearing the field of false values, superstructures, consumerism, and have led to understanding the depth of life, which is valid in itself, even if accompanied by uncertainty. to move on the legs, by the difficulty of breathing, by the slowness of the movements.

It is perhaps this feeling of being regenerated that unites us with the vitality of the joyful child. It is almost like being reborn a second time, but consciously, and understanding what the child senses: the importance of life, the meaning of the brief moment, even the extra minute that is given to us.

Thus also the scent of a flower, the breath of the wind, the observation of a mountain or a wave crashing on the beach, common things that we often do not even notice: in those moments they become profoundly important, capable of transmitting a truth that fatigues us. daily, the dissipation of the many difficulties perhaps often make us forget even totally.

It is the moment in which, a day, a month, a minute, an hour have an importance in themselves beyond the importance of the work that is done, beyond the importance also of the service that can be rendered in that minute, in that hour, in that day, in that month.
It is a question of better understanding a relationship with oneself, with life, with the world, with God. And the suffering that preceded these moments of joy is perhaps itself that has prepared the joy.

Giorgio Ceragioli
from "Progetto" (now "NP"), 1986, n. 3

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