Read said done

Publish date 05-04-2022

by Andrea Gotico

Trying to stay in a good mood even in adversity is an exercise that I have been practicing for many years and I must say that like any kind of exercise, in addition to fatigue and failures, it also generates great satisfaction. While the abdominal exercise generates the turtle, trying to be happy - when you'd rather dig a hole and throw yourself in - creates an invisible muscle located in an unspecified place that pops out when needed. Anyone who has received a punch in the belly without having a sculpted abdominal muscle knows it well. It is not pleasant! A trivial exercise to train this invisible muscle is to feed on good news, (rest assured there are) in this the technology is terrific, because if I'm someone looking for news on alien sightings, vaccine side effects and murder Kennedy's it is very likely that he will be satisfied by Google's algorithm which will promptly propose theories on the correlation between these, or articles by American university professors who have evidence that JFK was killed by aliens because he already knew too much about Covid-19.

It won't be completely systematic, but if I search for the bright side of life, the good search engine will give me a little hand in receiving some good news as well. Everyone knows that the world is full of horrible things, but perhaps not everyone knows that even the greatest adversity can be seen and faced in a different way. Are you short of good news? Well I'll give you a couple: a little while ago two dear friends announced the imminent arrival of a new creature ... and at the same moment my daughter was taking 9 maths !! What more can I ask for from life (for today). Now I can only conclude with a sentence from my grandfather: "Dear young man, be cheerful, feed on good things, life is not about achieving your goals, but it is what we will have read, said and done on the way to get there."

Andrea Gotico
NP January 2022

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