Punda afe, mzigo ufike

Publish date 17-10-2020

by Mauro Palombo

"Let the donkey die, but the load reaches its destination", the proverb that had made his dear friend father Giovanni Giorda his own, who returned to Heaven after 68 years in Tanzania as a Consolata Missionary. That portion of Africa that he loved so much had taught him this, and where he dedicated all his energy to bringing the Love of Christ to everyone, his mercy, his forgiveness: the precious load. He did it with his life, lived with great simplicity but with attention and research. With a presence of comfort and a word for all, at all times; the celebrations, his travels on foot or on the off-road vehicle are a constant welcome to every encounter with a greeting, advice, help: the only inattention is the clock. And with attentive charity, a faithful image of a God who is close to his people, and arouses answers to their needs.
The mission of Tosamaganga (Iringa), where he lived the longest, was the center of the Church in the south of the country, and there is an important diocesan hospital. There are many communities in its vast territory: for each one, involving his friends, a chapel, a road, a bridge, a mill; especially kindergartens and orphanages for children, places where they can grow up, learn to do and be, feel loved.
"Poverty enriches the soul before God and helps every man with faith and prayer to give himself for the good of his neighbor": the load carried with fidelity has never been lost; he has lived and lives in many, even in us who have shared a bit of the road.
Mauro Palombo
from the New Project "Witnesses" section

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