Publish date 23-05-2021

by Fabio Arduini

Taking refuge and exploring are united in one word without falling into contradictions. To act as a glue, that wisdom that comes from a proven ability to evaluate the situation, also to know the limits of one's own analysis, and grasp the extent to which one can try one's luck. Pilot is originally (and still in the seafaring language) who is able to lead the ship to the shelter in the port. Even if the etymology is debated, the most founded hypothesis has to do with the Greek "pilos", entrance: of the port, of course. To avoid accidents, the pilot must know well the conformation of the coasts and seabed up to the docking, or seize it on the fly. Then the meaning of piloting extends to chart the route, to lead, not only ships but all unconstrained driving means. Including those of competition, where the skills of the driver must be played instantly. Last but not least also the meaning of a means of exploration: here the pilot turns off the engine of the noun and becomes an adjective (as in a pilot experiment) and always to aim for something: new frontiers towards which to trace paths, hypotheses to follow. But with good reason, not at random.

Fabio Arduini
NP February 2021

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